00-94 CD Abbey Road To Ruin Racer Records 1008 (USA)


1. That's Not Me Talking    8. Build Me Up Buttercup
2. All Teary Eyed    9. Sunshine Love
3. Looks Count     10. The Ones With Guns
4. Not A Kid Anymore   11. Why Is It Cold In Here
5. Wrong With Us   12. Reel In Me
6. Believe 13. No Good At Love
7. This World Alone  

Another CD that I found on the internet searching for "Build Me Up Buttercup". I like this CD a lot. It's nearly punk music, only a little more melodic. A bit strange is, that all lyrics are included, except for .... "Build Me Up Buttercup", but still M. D'Abo/T. MacCulley are mentioned as writers (the name of Tony McCaulay is spelled a bit funny). "Build Me Up Buttercup" is also the only song that wasn't written by the bandmembers themselves. 

The end of "Build Me Up Buttercup" is surprising, with a part of the Tommy James song "Crimson And Clover" as closing notes. Especially the song "Why Is It Cold In Here" is a fantastic (!!!) song, that I play a lot. The CD should be easily to fetch through Racer records.