AJ Webber

00-75 Power Of Prayer/That's Life Anchor 1022 (UK)

"Power Of Prayer" is another composition of Mike d'Abo. The b-side "That's Life" is written by Aj Webber herself.

00-76 LP Aj Webber - Aj Webber Anchor ANCL-2007 (USA)
    Anchor ANCL-2007 (UK)


side one:     side two:
Rhythm & Time    Broken Pieces
Here Comes That Feeling   Jam Jars
The Gardener Movie Queen
That's Life                                         The Carpenter
Witchi-Tai-To      Power Of Prayer
The Moon's A Harsh Mistress  

Mike d'Abo wrote two songs for this album: "Movie Queen" and "Power Of Prayer", which are both not to be found on his solo albums. So far I didn't find anything on this blond girl singer. Most of the music is in the style of Emmylou Harris, so country and western style. "Movie Queen" is a powerful song in the style of Smith & d'Abo, and regarding that this album was released in the Smith & d'Abo days this is not so strange. You can clearly hear Mike d'Abo play the piano and do some backing vocals. "Power Of Prayer" is a typical Mike d'Abo song. It's a slow song with again Mike at the piano in my opinion.

On the album cover Aj Webber thank the following people: Albert Lee, Jean Russel, Mike d'Abo, Gerry Conway, Gerry Hogan, Tony Hymas, Cormac O'Duffy, Declan O'Docherty' Simon Phillips, Tony Roberts, Phil Todd, John Denton, Terry Davis, Bobby Lamb, Jack Emblow, Ray Russel, Richard Hewson, Alan O'Duffy, Tony Colton, Phil McDonald, Dave Hunt, and Hillary Shaw.

Note that Ray Russel also was in the Smith & d'Abo band.

I'm glad to have above two records in my collection.