08-69 Micky/Darby And Joan Instant IN 005 (UK)
    Immediate 1C006-90528 M (Germany)

Her real name is Marilyn Ripley, and she made her first record when she was 16. For a long time she was a protégée of the Bachelors. In 1965 she was girlfriend of Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits. Both tracks of the single were produced by Michael d'Abo and it's not difficult to hear that Mike is hammering the piano on "Mickey".
The Germany release has an art cover and is released on the “normal” Immediate label, but there not mentioned a producer on the label of the German release.

09-74 Days/Caroline Bradleys Records BRAD 7418 (UK)

This single was released as Twinkle Ripley. Both sides of the single were produced by Mike d'Abo, what you can hear very well. I wouldn't even be surprised if Mike plays piano on the record. Both sides of the single are written by Twinkle Ripley herself.

These two tracks was to be part of a film and album project called "Michael Hannah", but the whole plan was shelved when Hannah (who was the boyfriend of Twinkle for some time) was killed in the Paris Air Show disaster. Mike d'Abo told me that the album was actually recorded, but has never been released officially. Still I've put it on my want list, because you never know .....


CD Immediate Single Collection Volume 5

Line IDCD 9.00569 (Germany)


Though It Hurts Me Badly P.P. Arnold
Out Of Time Chris Farlowe
So Good The McCoys
Headlines Goldie
In My Lonely Room The Factotums
Softly Softly London Waits
Choc Rolls Golden Apples In The Sun
Taken My Love The Masterminds
The Last Goodbye Chris Farlowe
Daytime Girl Billy Nichols
True Story Twice As Much
Down In The Boondocks G. Phillips
Everything's Gonna Be Alright Nicky Scott
Sorrow The McCoys
Darby And Joan Twinkle
Angeline Warm Sounds
Paperman Fly In The Sky Chris Farlowe
If You See What I Mean P.P. Arnold
Don't Worry Mother The McCoys
I Can't Go Home Anymore The Factotums

However Twinkle's "Darby And Joan" was released through the sub-label of Immediate Instant, it is here included on an Immediate-story CD. Besides this by Mike d'Abo produced song, this CD also has "The Last Goodbye" by Chris Farlowe, which is written and produced by Mike plus "Paperman Fly To The Sky" by Chris Farlowe which is also produced by Mike, which almost makes it a "the music of Mike d'Abo" CD.

00-93 CD CD Golden Lights Revolution Per Minute RPM 108 (UK)
05-97 LP Golden Lights Revolution Per Minute RPM 108LP (UK)


The tracks of this CD/LP are:  
1. Terry     10. I Need Your Hand In Mine
2. The Boy Of My Dreams 11. The End Of The World
3. Golden Lights 12. Take Me To The Dance
4. Ain't Nobody Home But Me 13. What I'm Doing Here With You
5. Tommy 14. Now I Have You
6. So Sad   15. Micky
7. A Lonely Singing Doll 16. Darby And Joan
8. Unhappy Boy 17. Soldier's Dream
9. Poor Old Johnny  

This great LP and CD has two tracks "Mickey" and "Darby And Joan", which were both produced by Mike d'Abo.

10-2001 CD Twinkle – Golden Lights – RPM Special Edition RPM 505

RPM records released this CD already in 1993, but now they released an extended CD version, which includes the seven extra tracks. For the Mike d'Abo fans, five of these extra tracks are interesting: "Days", "Caroline", "Radio Station Lady", "Little Piece Of Heaven" and "I'm A Woman You're A Man" because they all come from the "Michael Hannah" sessions.

A couple of months ago I had a phone call with Twinkle. There has been written a lot about the to be released "Michael Hannah" album, and in the phone call I got the chance to ask Twinkle about this item. She told me that she had tapes of bad quality of the recorded songs. It's good to see that some of the tracks are now included on this second release.

Mark Stratford wrote the sleeve notes of this second release and he mention about the "Michael Hannah" tracks: "all of them are wonderfully arranged and produced by Mike d'Abo, with Mike also on piano and Duncan Browne on guitar. It's certainly worth buying

The tracks of this CD (no album available this time) are:


1. Terry    13. Take Me To The Dance
2. The Boy Of My Dreams 14. What Am I Doing Here With You
3. Golden Lights 15. Now I Have You
4. Ain't Nobody Home But Me    16. Micky
5. Tommy 17. Darby And Joan
6. So Sad  18. Soldier's Dream
7. Tommy (German language version)  19. Days
8. A Lonely Singing Doll   20. Caroline
9. Unhappy Boy  21. Radio Station Lady
10. Poor Old Johnny 22. Little Piece Of Heaven
11. I Need Your Hand In Mine 23. I'm A Woman You're A Man
12. The End Of The World  24. For Sale


00-2002 Instant Karma Castle Music CMRCD 426 (UK)


The tracks on this CD are  
1. Outer Limits Great Train Robbery
2. Outer Limits Sweet Freedom
3. The Excelsior Spring Happy Miranda
4. The Excelsior Spring It
5. Eddie Thornton Outfit Baby Be My Girl
6. Sonny Burke Outfit All You
7. Copperfield Any Old Time (You're Lonely & Sad)
8. Copperfield I'm No Good For Her
9. Twinkle Micky
10. Twinkle Darby & Joan
11. Owen Grey & Maximum Breed Sitting In The Park
12. Pete Hunt & Maximum Breed You've Got It
13. Jimmy Scott Ob-la-di Ob-la-da Story (Part 1) Alullo
14. Jimmy Scott Ob-la-di Ob la-da Story (Part II) Doh
15. Twice As Much Night Time Girl
16. Vashti Winter In Blue
17. Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band Afterglow
18. Mike d'Abo See The Little People (Gulliver Travels)
19. Mike d'Abo In The Beginning
20. Samson Traffic
21. Samson Venus
22. Outer Limits Great Train Robbery (Immediate demo version)
23. Twinkle Soldier's Dream
24. Twinkle Micky (Previously unissued long version)

Instant was the short-lived sub label of Immediate. Instant took care of some very rare releases of which was the soundtrack album of "Gullivers Travels", which is often seen as an album by Mike d'Abo, one of the rarest releases.

Besides the two Mike d'Abo songs, Mike is also present on this CD as producer of three songs by Twinkle: "Micky" (the normal 2,27 version), "Darby & Joan" and "Micky" (the 3,34 previously unissued long version). This last song makes this
CD special for us Mike d'Abo record collectors.

12-2003    CD Michael Hannah – The Lost Years

Earlier in this Twinkle story, I already wrote something about the "Michael Hannah" recordings. I even had a phone call with Twinkle herself about it. The recordings are so important for Mike d'Abo fans, because he produced the album. Twinkle told me that the cassette that she had with some of the tracks was of a bad quality, but still the CD has been released. Of course I've ordered the CD and as soon as I have received it, I will print full details.

So far I know that the tracks are:

Michael Hannah/Bowden House/I Am A Woman/Joanna/Ladyfriend/Days/Caroline/Jane/Zefferlli/Soldier.

Four of the songs were already included on the special edition CD of "Golden Lights", but the other six tracks have not been released so far. I can't wait hearing those tracks.