Steam Packet

Steam packet - Trouble and tea mp3 file

00-67  Viva L'amour/Trouble And Tea Polydor NH 59733 (Sweden)

However there was a group in England called Steampacket, with among others the members Rod Stewart and Long John Baldry, there was also a group in Sweden called Steam Packet as you can see above.

The Swedish Steam Packet recorded the Mike d’Abo song “Trouble And Tea”, which was written by Mike when he was still a member of Manfred Mann, who recorded this song also for their album “As Is”.

If you ever find a copy of this single, you have to pay a lot of money, I can assure you. The information about this sin gle came from Tom Sunde, who is running The Morgans website. The Morgans is another Swedish group that recorded “Trouble And Tea” (See their story on my Mike d’Abo website).

05-96 LP Syde Trypes Six Tenth Planet TP024 (England)
Side one:  
1. Cos It’s Over The Summer Set
2. Captain Man Part 1 Tropical Fish
3. Live For The Sun The Phoenix
4. Viva L’Amour The Longboatmen
5. Hello Edythe The Name
6. Waterloo Station Tropical Fish
7. Streamliner   The Flames
8. You Keep Me Hanging On The Phoenix
Side two:  
9. Trouble And Tea      The Longboatmen
10. Brave New Sights The Phoenix
11. Upside Down Inside Out Tropical Fish
12. My World Fell Down Solent
13. What Do I Care ?  The Name
14. Captain Man Part 2 Tropical Fish
15. You Are The Moon & The Stars & The Sun

The Phoenix

Below is the story about The Longboatmen on the cover of the “Syde Tryps Six” album:

Despite a parallel existence in their native Sweden as Steam Packet (a handle which thery were unable to use in Britain due to the Long John Baldry/Rod Stewart revue of the same name), The Longboatmen owe their posthumous reputation amongst collectors to the primitivism of their UK single “Take Her Any Time” b/w “Only In Her Home Town”, issued by Polydor in November 1966. The Longboatmen visited England to promote the single, taking time out to record two tracks at Advision Studios in London’s New Bond Street. The two songs recorded, “Viva L’Amour” and Mike d’Abo’s “Trouble And Tea”, both fit snugly into the summer pop canon (Swinging Stockholm, anyone?). Interestingly, the sole surviving acetate copy shows that the band actually recorded both songs as the Longboatmen, which tends to suggest that a UK release was under consideration. However, neither track appeared in Brittain: wether this was due to the lack of success of “Take Her Any Time” (a far less commercial proposition, incidentally) or the fact that the opening bars of “Trouble And Tea” bore a similarity of litigable proportions to a certain Beatles single remains open to conjecture. Whatever, these particular day trippers went home considerably more emptyhanded than their ancestors, although Swedish Polydor issued both tracks as a Steam Packet single in mid-1967 (other homeland singles included covers of “Baby You’ve Got It” and Buffalo Springfield’s “Bluebird”). Unfortunately it hasn’t been possible to ascertain wether the Swedish release was remixed or even recorded, but the versions on “Syde Tryps Six” have been plucked straight from the UK acetate single, which was housed in an attractive green and white Advision custom sleeve.

Note: The people of Tenth Planet who release to “Syde Tryps Six” album didn’t have the Polydor single from Sweden to compare the two releases, but I have both recordings and can tell you, that they are both the same and both last 2 minutes and 9 seconds.