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Smith & d'Abo

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Vocals on “Who’s Counting On Me” by Smith & d’Abo, while the song was written by Eddie Hardin. Other artists on this album are: Ric Lee, Roger Glover, Jon Lord, Rick van der Linden, David Coverdale, Glen Hughes, Tony Ashton, Chris Barber Band, Eddie Hardin, Pete York, Ray Fenwick, Jimmy Helms, Mark Nauseef, Leslie Binks, Henry Spinetti, Mo Foster, Mike Smith & Mike d’Abo. From these names we will find Jimmy Helms later back in the musical “Time” by Dave Clark, while Mo Foster also played in the band of Smith & d’Abo.

Also many Deep Purple and Spencer Davis Group members are involved in this album, however the music isn’t hardrock but more easy listening, especially the Smith & d’Abo song “Who’s Counting On Me”.

In December 1979 I visited Mike Smith and asked for more details about this album, but Mike didn’t even know it was released, and asked me if I could get a copy for him, which I did. He could remember that he and Mike d’Abo were in the recording studio when someone asked them to sing in a song, but never knew it was put on a record. They probably liked the song as much as I do. On the cover is a small picture of the two Mikes looking at a sheet of paper with probably the music and lyrics.