00-91 LP Jump Boogie And Jive President PLTS 1112 (UK)
00-91 CD Jump, Boogie & Jive   President PCOM 1112 (UK)
00-91 MC Jump, Boogie & Jive       President PTLC 1112 (UK)


side one:        side two:
Jump, Boogie & Jive    Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie
Hang Up My Rock 'n' Roll Shoes       (You're The) Devil In Disguise
Hurry Up Why?
I'm Walking     Another Sad And Lonely Night
Nobody Is   Treat Her Right
Tellin' Tales Outta School Tellin' Tales Outta School
Medley: Red Hot/Tutti Frutti      Medley: Remember Then/Pretty Little Angel Eyes/I Wonder Why
  Jump, Boogie & Jive (Reprise)

When I spoke to Mike in October 1997 he told me that Showaddywaddy released the LP "Jump Boogie And Jive" on the President label. He thought that the album title was also released as a single.

I looked for the album for half a year, but didn't find it, so I wrote to President Records, and they immediately send the CD and the cassette, but the album was not available anymore, while they told me that there was not a single "Jump, Boogie & Jive". From the album I especially like the song "Nobody Is". If you get the chance to buy this LP/CD, buy it !!!

Mike told me he was a very good friend of David Kassner, president of President Records, and I believe him after seeing how many (related) records President Records released of Mike.

One of the Showaddywaddy bandmembers is Ray Martinez. From this album he wrote "Treat Her Right", but when you look in the Smith & d'Abo part of this book, you will find out, that he also released a solo single with the Smith & d'Abo song "Ray Of Sunshine"; the musicworld isn't that big, because you will see the same names everywhere.