00-69   Love Is Like A Crescendo/The Running Mr. So And So - CNR UK 10071 (Holland)

00-70   LP Friends - CNR ZZ 1624 (Holland)  
side one:    side two:
Love Is Like A Crescendo   The Running Mr. So And So
She's Out There   Nicely
Friends     The Wall
Too Young For Love   Winter's Coming On
Try To Make Love  Message For Mary
Finders Keepers  Whisky

The Rowdies is a group from Enschede/Holland (not to be confused with the Rowdies from Belgium).
Band members are: Arno ter Steege (bass), Fons Badert (drums), Rob Kappers (guitar), Klaas Dikken
(guitar and organ), Frans Haanskorf (vocals), while Siegbert Seliger (drums), Martin Koops (vocals) and
Eddy Becker (vocals) replaced early bandmembers.
Other singles released by Rowdies in Holland are:
00-68  Winter's Coming On/Sunshine Girl - Injection TAR 61030
00-69  She's A Lady/Finders Keepers - Injection TAR 61533
In 1969/1970 they released a single and an album with the Mike d'Abo written song "Love Is Like A Crescendo".
This song has also been recorded by Cliff Richard and Merrick-Evans (see there).