Ronnie Tober

00-73 LP Yesterday’s Dreams Philips 6413 048 (Holland)

Ronnie Tober is an American who lives in Holland for almost his whole life. Ronnie made an awful lot of records, especially singles, nearly all in the Dutch language. There for it’s a bit strange that he recorded this English language album. Most people don’t even know it exists. For the Mike d’Abo fans, this album is interesting, because “Handbags And Gladrags” is one of the songs. However I’m not really fond of the Ronnie Tober music, “Handbags And Gladrags” sounds okay, like most songs of the album. However Ronnie had many singles hits in the Dutch Top 40, not one of his albums entered the Dutch album Top 50.

Side one:     Side two:
1. With Pen In Hand    1. Handbags & Gladrags
2. If You Could Read My Mind   2. Tears In The Morning
3. Eternity  3. Yesterday’s Dreams
4. Ma Belle Amie   4. I need You To Turn To
5. I Won’t Stand Between Them 5. Wheel Of Life
6. Black Is Black     6. Love Story