Scott Peters

08-67 Go Tell The World/More And More Columbia DB 8244 (UK)
Mike d'Abo wrote the a-side "Go Tell The World". Further on there is nothing known about this record
and singer.

But ........

After searching for about 15 years, I finally found this single on the internet and of course I immediately
ordered the single. The song "Go Tell The World" is a ballad, very much in the same style as Engelbert
Humperdinck and Long John Baldry.
This single is (as far as I know) the only single release by Scott Peters. The arrangements and conduction
of both sides of the single are from Tony Meehan, while both sides of the single are produced by David

I'm glad that I finally could take this records from my want list.

And within a months after finding this single I visited Mike d’Abo (March 2006) and he showed me the
sheet music of this Scott Peters single. Mike found this sheet music at the house of his parents, and
because he thought that I would be interested, he gave the sheet music to me and at the top of this page
you see the front cover. Thank you very much Mike !!!