The Northern lights

00-66 Through Darkness Light/In Thoughts Of You United Artists UP 1161 (UK)

This is (probably) the most expensive Mike d'Abo-related single. Mike wrote the a-side "Through Darkness Light" while Bjorn Ulvaeus (later of Abba) wrote the b-side "In Thoughts Of You" (later a hit by Billy Fury in the UK).

Mike told me that The Northern Lights were Bjorn's band in the mid-sixties, which was named The Hootenanny Singers (see there for some more information about Scandinavian releases) in Sweden and Norway.

Mike went to Stockholm/Sweden to be in the studio when the song was recorded. Mike also told me that he had an affair with Bjorn's sister while he was in Sweden for the recordings.

Because Bjorn later became a member of Abba, this single is very expensive. Expect to pay 25/ 30 for a normal release and 50 for a demonstration copy like the one I have.