00-1990    If Anybody Can – You Can

Mike d’Abo wrote this song for a girl named Nicky (Costello) , who entered this song in the Eurovision song contest, but unfortunately she was not chosen to participate for the United Kingdom. 

Mike only has a cassette recording of it and he played it to me in the morning of March 16, 2006 when I paid a visit to him again. That evening we went to a concert of Ego Ronnie’s Good Pub Band, with among others Dik Cadbury (who plays guitar in Mike’s Mighty Quintet) and we met Nicky there. She even sang two songs (among others the Lulu classic “Shout”) that evening and so did Mike. I told Nicky that evening, that I would put her Eurovision song on Mike’s website and Nicky, when you read this you can see that I kept my promise. 

Ego Ronnie’s Good Pub Band is the nucleus of the bigger 8-piece line up Top Catz (type into Google for details if interested), of which Nicky was a singer for a number of years.