Ted Neeley

12-73  LP 1974 A.D. RCA APL1-0317 (USA)
    RCA APL1-0317 (UK)
    RCA APL1-0317 (Holland)


side one :   side two:
Rock And Roll Spirits  You Put Something Better Inside Of Me
Another’s Lifetime   Look At You, Look At Me
Spin Away  It’s Not The Spotlight
The Adventures Of A Boy Child Wonder    You Are The Singer
Rainbow  Mother

The album is arranged and produced by Michael Omartian and sounds very much like a
country and western album. Nice to see Ted put the Mike d’Abo song “You Are The Singer”
on this album, which is a song of which I don’t know any other cover. Mike d’Abo put this
track on his 1972 album “Down At Rachel’s Place”.