Michael Martin Murphey

00-82 Love Affairs/Love Affairs LP Liberty P-B-1491 (USA)
08-82 Michael Martin Murphey Liberty LT-51120 (USA)


side one: side two:
Still Taking Changes Love Affairs
The Two-Step Is Easy Ring Of Truth
What's Forever For   Crystal
Take It Like A Man Lost River
First Taste Of Freedom Hearts In The Right Place

When Mike d'Abo was in the USA for a couple of years he got among others involved in making this album. Five out of the ten songs are written by the combination Michael Martin Murphey/Mike d'Abo: Take It Like A Man; First Taste Of Freedom; Love Affairs; Ring Of Truth; Hearts In The Right Place.

However Michael Martin Murphey is a country singer, many of his albums also entered the Billboard Top 200 albums, and this album reached number 69 and stayed in the Top 200 for 16 weeks. Also two singles from this album reached the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts: "Still Taking Changes/Lost River" (which reached number 76) and "What's Forever For/Crystal" (which even reached number 19), in which Mike d'Abo wasn't involved. "Love Affairs" which is written by Michael Murphey/Mike d'Abo was also released as a single, which I only have as a promo/not for sale copy with the same track on both sides, but this single didn't reach the pop-charts in the USA.

00-90 CD Best Of Country Curb Records D2-77336 (USA)
tracks on this CD are:
1. What's Forever For
2. Still Taking Chances
3. Carolina In The Pines
4. What She Wants
5. The Two-step Is Easy
6. Hearts In The Right Place
7. Love Affairs
8. Ring Of Truth
9. Lost River
10. Crystal

This 1990 CD has three out of the five tracks that Mike d'Abo composed together with Michael Martin Murphey: "Hearts On The Right Place", "Love Affairs" and "Ring Of Truth".