Mike d'Abo There's a girl in my soup - 1979 unreleased soundtrack "The lady's in love" 

Mike d'Abo Live  @Boisdale of Canary Wharf in London - Build me up buttercup

Mike d'Abo "Tiny Miracles" from his new CD "Passion Driven"

Mike d'Abo on "The one show" with the story about Handbags and Gladrags

Anita Meyer They don't play our love song anymore live with The Metropole orchestra

Glennis Grace They don't play our love song anymore live on "The best singer of the Netherlands"
On the Dutch TV show "The best singer of the Netherlands". A few of the best Dutch singers are singing eachothers songs. In this episode Glennis Grace is preforming They don't play our love song anymore. Originaly song by Anita Meyer. The song is composed by Mike d'Abo. Band of Angels (early Michael D'Abo of Manfred Man) - Hide 'n' Seek Judith Durham singing Bonny face Radio interview Spanish radio station Trilogy Rock
Recently Mike attended a interview on a Spanish radio station called Trilogy Rock. Below you'll find a link to the 25 minutes live interview Mike gave. Radio Interview on Trilogy Rock

Semi-detached Suburban Mr. James - Live 1966

The Nitty Gritty (Unreleased song) - Live 1966

You Don't Know Me (Unreleased song) - Live 1966


Houd dog (Unreleased song) - Live 1966


Brown and Porter's (Meat Exporters) Lorry (not released in the sixties and different to the release on "The Ascent Of Mann" CD)