Morgans - Trouble and tea mp3 file

00-67 Trouble And Tea/Connection Fontana 269.077 TF (Norway)

Another (see also the Swedish group Steam Packet) Scandinavian group, this time from Norway,  that recorded and released the Mike d’Abo written Manfred Mann song “Trouble And Tea”. 

The above picture cover was taken from the Morgans site run by Norwegian Tom Sunde:

who also sent me the mp3 file shown above,

Morgans were:

Tom Paulsen (drums)

Arne Løvlien (vocals and bass)

Eigel Berg (lead vocals and guitar)

Per Bråten (keyboards) 

The b-side of the single “Connection” is the Mick Jagger/Keith Richards written song “Connection”. The single is very hard to fins (I don’t have it at least) and if you find it, you will have to pay a high price.


CD Norsk Rocks Historie Vol. 3

Universal 982496 4 (Norway)


The tracks of this CD are:  
1. Just A Little Teardrop The Pussycats
2. Graveyard Paradise 126
3. She Won’t Sing Mewsic Group
4. I’m Gonna Leave You Satisfied The Divorced
5. Can’t Find Nobody Firebeats Inc.
6. See You Tonight The Wizards
7. Watch Your Step Rhytmic Six
8. I’ve Been Wrong Firestones
9. Madman Tony & The Swing Blues
10. No No No The Zodiacs
11. Man’s Trouble Guess Who Inc.
12. Do You Love Me Anymore Helge Nilsen & The Stringers
13. One Track Mind The Vanguards
14. Tell Her Helge Og Rune Med The Stringers
15. Shakin’ All Over Davy Dean & The Swinging Ballades
16. Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby Mojo Blues
17. Elisabeth 126
18. I’m Not Sorry Beatnicks
19. Hi Heel Sneakers The Vanguards
20. Came From A Party Green Onions
21. No More Potations The Clinkers
22. Movin’ Missing Links
23. I’ll Put My Eyes Upon You Moon Spinners
24. Bye Bye Baby Jan Groth And His Voodoes
25. Trouble And Tea The Morgans
26. Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye Bente Lind & The Lunic Group
27. Come On Up The Hugger Muggers
28. Take Special Care Zaks
29. The Craftsman The Pussycats

One CD in a long series of cd’s with Norwegian beat groups from the years 1964-1967.
As you can see, The Morgans with the Mike d’Abo song “Trouble And Tea” is track 25.
Because the single is very hard to get (I still don’t have it when I write this in July 2007),
this is a very good opportunity to buy this song and get a lot of nice Norwegian music at the same time.