The Magic Laterns


00-95 CD The Magic Lanterns BR Music BX 454-2 (Holland)
1. Shame Shame 13. Why Can’t People Be People
2. One Night Stand 14. I Don’t Wanna Go To Sleep Again
3. Melt All Your Troubles Away  15. Never Gonna Trust My Heart Again
4. Another Place, Another Time 16. When The Music Stops
5. Give Me Love  17. Impressions Of Linda
6. Frisco Annie 18. Pa Bradley
7. Let The Sunshine In  19. Stand For Your Rights
8. Excuse Me Baby  20. Caught In The Act
9. Carolina Brown  21. Mama Sure Could Swing A Deal
10. If You Don’t Know Me By Now 22. You Ring A Bell
11. Sad Thing   23. Highway Of Dreams
12. Country Woman  24. Sara’s Coming Home

It was never told to me, not even by Mike d’Abo himself, but I found on the website of
Albert Hammond, that the song “You Ring A Bell” was written by Mike d’Abo. On the CD however, Steve Rowland is mentioned as writer of the song. Steve Rowland and Albert Hammond worked together a lot, among others in the band Family Dog.

It seems that there is also a single release “I Don’t Wanna Go To Sleep Again/You Ring A
Bell” in 1971, but so far I have no prove for that. Another Magic Lanterns discography mentions the 1972 single release “Country Woman/You Ring A Bell”, but I also have no prove for this release. Anybody else ?

In an email I asked Mike d’Abo about this item. He answered as follows:

“You Ring A Bell” was co-written with Albert Hammond. I was aware that someone had recorded it. Steve Rowland had no part in the writing of the song, but may have had a contractual agreement with Albert that anything he (A.H.) wrote, Steve Rowland would take a share of. Most of Albert Hammond’s songs were co-written with Lee Hazelwood.

This proves at least that Mike indeed wrote the song.