Left side

10-70 Woman In My Life/I Need You Imperial 5C006-24249 (Holland)
00-71 LP Their Greatest Hits Imperial 5C052.24334X (Holland)


Side one:  
Where Have I Been Wrong The Cats
Beautiful Friendship Continental Uptight Band
Woman In My Life Left Side
Doomsday Train Brainbox
Without Your Love Fresh Air
House Of The King Focus
Side two:  
Smile (Old Friends Have A Right To) Brainbox
Help! Honest men
Black In The Sun Unit Gloria
Tell Me You’re Never Gonna Leave Me Patricia
The Greatest Thing The Cats
Red Red Lebanon Hans Dulfer & Ritmo Natural

Tony Macaulay/Mike d'Abo wrote "Woman In My Life" for this Dutch group which didn't go any further
than a bubbling under position for the Dutch Top 40.

The Left Side came from the city Volendam, which is a famous Dutch city because of the clothes people are
wearing there.

“Woman In My Life” has also been recorded by Bobby Vee, Engelbert Humperdinck and the USA group
Arkade. Look at their pages on this website.

Mike d'Abo put this song on his solo album "d'Abo".