00-71 LP Labelle Warner Bros. Records 46112 (UK)
    Warner Bros. Records WS 1943 (USA)


side one:    side two:
Morning Much Better Running Out Of Fools & If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
You've Got A Friend Shades Of Difference
Baby's Out Of Sight Heart Be Still
Time & Love Wild Horses
  When The Sun Comes Shining Trough (The Ladder)

This album was released before (Patti) Labelle had charts successes, what started in 1974. Labelle put the Mike d'Abo
song "When The Sun Comes Shining Through (The Ladder)" on this album. This song comes from Mike's album "d'Abo",
and was a small hit by Long John Baldry in the U.K.

Labelle's version is much more up-tempo and really in the spirit of their later hit "Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir
(Lady Marmalade)".


00-2000 CD Labelle Wounded Bird Records WOU 1943


Track of the CD:     Composers:
1. Morning Much Better Michael Zager & Aram Schefrin
2. You’ve Got A Friend           Carole King
3. Baby’s Out Of Sight Sarah Dash & Armstead Edwards
4. Time & Love  Laura Nyro
5. Too Many Days  Nona Hendryx
6. a. Running Out Of Fools  Kenny Rogers & R. Ahlert
b. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody R. Clark
7. Shades Of Difference Patti LaBelle & Nona Hendryx
8. Heart To Be Still Bert Berns & Jerry Ragavoy
9. Wild Horses       Keith Richards & Mick Jagger
10. Time Patti LaBelle & Armstead Edwards
11. When The Sun Comes Shining Through (The Ladder) Mike D’Abo

However the records company “Wounded Birds Records” suggest, that this could be an illegal CD, the CD cover also
says that it was licensed by Rhino Entertainment Company from Warner Bros. Records, so I assume that it is a legal CD.