Jackie Trent


My career started in 1951 at The Theatre Royal, Hanley: as an 11yr-old schoolgirl, winning yesteryears X-Factor talent show – Carroll Levis and his Discoveries. Tonight will be my first home show in 60 years.... I found the joy of singing, age 3; by age 7 years I would sit quietly in Audley church cemetery, nearby to here, absorbing the depth and passion of words set in stone, writing my first lyrics. Since then I’ve toured the world, writing and singing my songs for soldier and sovereign; in palaces and pubs; in war-fronts and sea-fronts.

This life has brought me Love, Beauty and Betrayal; the better being Love. In the words of William Shakespeare
If Music be the food of Love, play on.......’

Jackie Trent

22 June 2011

00-2008 CD Trentquility – JakCol JCCD0001

Tracks on the CD are:
1. Hot To Trot *
2. Home
3. Handbags And Gladrags
4. Table For One
5. Now It’s Come To That *
6. Feels Like Home
7. Have A Nice Life
8. You Needed Me *
9. Guilty **
10 Tea And Sympathy **
11 Misery
12 Bur To St Cloud

Jackie Trent also recorded the Mike d’Abo song “Handbags And Gladrags” for her 2008 CD “Trentquility” which is the name of her house on the Spanish island Menorca. There are not too many girl singers who recorded this song, so this is something special.

The CD is produced by Darren Hatch. Additional production by Ted Carfrae.
* Produced by Ted Carfrae for TCM Music Ltd.
** Produced by Darren Hatch
Executive producers: Jackie Trent & Colin Gregory for JakCol Ltd.

The CD has a small booklet in which Jackie writes the following story about the recording of the CD:

I’ve been a gypsy most of my life and “Home” is wherever I’ve hung my hat at the time, the difference being: they stay. I don’t. When I’m asked, “Would you like to live in the UK again?” I say “No”. I’m not a sun worshipper, but I love blue skies and the warmth which brings a smile to everyone’s face; “spacially mine! And no shoes! Most of my hats are hung at “Trentquility” – our home in Menorca.

Making this, my first new solo CD in over 30 years, has been an eye opener for me. In the 60’s and 70’s we turned out an album in four, three-hour sessions: exciting, the adrenalin flowing; just magic! I would compare riding pillion on my husband, Colin’s, Fireblade arounf Brands Hatch as a like experience! “Trentquility”is also my first CD under our own record label – JakCol. Yes, today’s recording technology is mind-blowing; unreal. But you can’t beat the raw sound of good musicians, whose soul and expression shines thro’synthesised sound. A pure blen of “blood, sweat and many tears” along the way! So to my producers, arrangers and “The Band”, a big “Thanks, boys. Great to work with you!”

The Tracks:
Every lyric must tell a story and paint a picture in my mind. To perform the song I must live it and become both, the storyteller and the artist’s brush: my voice the instrument of emotional force linking words with melody. This is always my goal. I also have a wicked sense of humor: “Now It’s Come To That” I had a lot of fun with. Words speak volumes. Enough said, OK? That’s that!!

From the haunting “Tea And Sympathy”, “But To St Cloud” and “Feels Like Home” to the raunchy “Misery” (thanks, Darren for your great duo vocal; not forgetting The Spaniard for this unearthy shriek! Good One!) I love jazz and blues, so writing “Hot To Trot” took me back to grass roots. “Thanks Clive for an all-going arrangement”. “Guilty” – shades of Billy Holiday and a smoky bar – I love it! “Have A Nice Life” steamed along, kitchen sink and all, as only Nik Kershaw would. My version is more conservative: mum to son feel. “Home”: a lovely, warm song and definitely where the heart is. “Oh yes, and my varios hats!” “You Needed Me”: written by Randy Newman, in the 70’s a world-wide hit for Anne Marray and in the late 90’s for Boyzone; a great song. We’ve changed the feel “a la Sexual Healing”. The sentiment’s the same: dedicated to my best friend and the love of my life. Mike d’Abo’s classic “Handbags And Gladrags”, unbelievably written in the 60’s when Mike was lead singer with Manfred Mann. A song ahead of it’s time! Chris Farlowe, Rod Stewart, Stereophonics; back to Farlowe in 2005: what a history! Always recorded by guys; why not me? Yes, I enjoyed every single note and proves you can’t keep an oldie, but goodie, down. In more ways than one …..

Enjoy – I Did! Jackie November 2007.

Jackie had three UK chart entries in the sixties as a solo singer and “Where Are You Now My Love” even went to the number one position in 1965.

In 1967 Jackie married songwriter Tony Hatch and together they wrote many songs for a lot of artists, including Frank Sinatra, Jack Jones, Nancy Sinatra, Des O’Connor, Shirley Bassey, Vikki Carr and Dean Martin. Probably Petula Clark scored the most hits with Hatch/Trent songs like “Don’t Sleep In The Subway”, “The Other Man’s Grass”, “Who Am I”, “A Sign Of The Times”, “Colour My World” and “Don’t Give Up”.

In 1995 Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch separated and diverced in 2002. Then on November 24, 2005 Jackie married Colin Gregory.

Soon after I discovered Jackie’s version of “Handbags And Gladrags” I sent her an email, on which she sent me an answer the next day and that day she even phoned me, which was great. She said she would send me two copies of the CD and DVD and asked me to pass one on to Mike and she would like to hear Mike’s comments. Of course I will take care of that.

Look at Jackie’s beautiful website. There you can hear parts of some songs from the CD, among others of “Handbags And Gladrags”. You will also find a lot of information and pictures and you can also order the CD with “Handbags And Gladrags” yourself: