Bobby Goldsboro


No Fun At The Fair/Hold On

United Artists UP 1166 (UK)
00-66 EP Bobby Goldsboro United Artists 36 114 UAE (France)


side one: side two:
Too Many People Hold On
Goodbye To All You Women  No Fun At The Fair


00-66 LP The Romantic, Wacky, Soulful, Rockin’, Country, Bobby Goldsboro United Artists UAS 6599 (USA)


side one: side two:
Trusty Little Herbert Hard Luck Joe
Danny    I’m A Little Mixed Up
Mojo Hand   Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town
Ruby Tuesday   No Fun At The Fair
Waitin’ In Your Welfare Line My Cup Runneth Over
You’re Entertainment For Me Three In The Morning

Mike d'Abo told me about “No Fun At The Fair” when I met him in November 1996 in Ipswich. In the
many hours we spoke to each other, Mike gave me many names of artists, who had recorded songs he
had written. After that conversation, my want list was suddenly much longer than before.

I ordered this single in England. For a change it's an up-tempo song. It's a happy song and recorded on
United Artists, in a period that Mike wrote quite some songs for United Artists-artists like The Fortunes
(UP 2218 and 2239), The Northern Lights (UP 1161) and Long John Baldry (UP 1158).
My advice: buy this single when you see it !!