The Glosskids

00-90 CDS Wake Up The World  C.I.N.C.D. 104-7 (UK)

This CD-single with only one track was written and produced by Mike d'Abo. The Glosskids are pupils
from two Gloucestershire schools (Deer Park and Chosen Hill). There were only pressed 100 copies of
this CD-single, which were auctioned and all proceeds went to "Children In Need". When I was at Mike's
house in Gloucestershire on October 31, 1997, he still had three of the numbered copies, and Mike was
so kind to give me number 72/100.

The song is a sort of "We Are The World", but then sung by children, and of course it raised a lot of money.
You probably can imagine, that it's one of the best Mike d'Abo items in my collection.