Peter Fenton


20-08-1965  For The Love Of A Girl/Now That You’re Gone Parlophone R 5313 (UK)

Born in Canada in 1941, he tried his luck in the U.K., where he released three singles (see below) but none became a hit record. The b-side of the above mentioned single “Now That You’re Gone” is written by Mike d’Abo, in a time that he was still a member of A Band Of Angels. It’s a real ballad with a big orchestra, but not really a great song.

I found this single through the internet in October 2005 and because I don’t know anything about the song and the singer, I asked Mike for clarification. As soon as I know something more, you will read it here.

The other two singles Peter Fenton released in the U.K. are:

10-66 Marble Breaks, Iron Bends/Small Town Fontana TF 748 (UK
01-67 I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet/Walking In Circles Fontana TF 789 (UK)