Jon English


00-73 Handbags And Gladrags/ Horsehair And Plastic Warm & Genuine 2079 016 (Australia)
00-72 LP Wine Dark Sea Warm & Genuine (cat. Number unknown) (Australia)
side one: side two:
Summer Song  Handbags And Gladrags
Sweet Lady Mary  Prelude
Wine Dark Sea   Tomorrow
Horsehair And Plastic Brand new Day
Close Every Door Share The End
00-79 LP English History Mercury (cat. number unknown) (Australia)
side one: side two:
Get Your Love Light Hollywood 7
Wine Dark Sea Same Old Feeling Again
Words Are Not Enough Lovin' Arms
Turn The Page     I'm A Survivor
Minutes To Midnight   Play With Fire
side three side four:
Superstar Nights In Paradise
Brand New Day   Lay It All Down
Handbags And Gladrags Sandcastles
Laughin' At The Guru Behind Blue Eyes
Everytime I Sing A Love Song Six Ribbons
00-92 CD The Best Of Jon English - 20th Anniversary Album BMG 74321126802 (Australia)
The 19 tracks of this CD are:  
1. All Together Now   11. Superstar
2. You Might Need Somebody   12. She Was Real
3. Some People (Have All The Fun)  13. Turn The Page
4. Get Your Love Right 14. Josephine (Too Many Secrets)
5. Hot Town 15. Lovin' Arms
6. Handbags And Gladrags 16. Minutes To Midnight
7. Always The Busker   17. Words Are Not Enough
8. Same Old Feeling Again 18. Hollywood 7
9. Carmilla 19. Six Ribbons
10. Lay It All Down  

"Handbags And Gladrags" is written by Mike d'Abo. This single was the first hit for the Australian singer Jon English, with many more hits to follow.

It entered the Australian Top 40 on April 5, 1973, stayed in the Top 40 for 6 weeks with 28 as highest position. Jon English version sounds very much the same as Mike's own version, so it's no wonder that it made the charts in Australia. Glad to see Jon English put "Handbags And Gladrags" on his "Best Of" CD.

Also notable is, that Jon English was on the original Australian cast recording of "Jesus Christ Superstar", singing the role of Judas, while Mike d'Abo is on the English recording of "Jesus Christ Superstar" singing the role of Pilate.