Steve Ellis

04-2018 CD/LP Boom! Bang! Twang! - Sony Music 19075827552 (CD) / 19075827551 (LP) Both made in the EU.

Album track listing:

1. Black Sheep Boy
2. Sitting In Limbo
3. Soul Trek (Holy Blue)
4. Tobacco Ash Sunday
5. Forever
6. Forgot To Be Your Lover
7. Lonely No More
8. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
9. Cry Me A River
10. Glory Bound
11. Oh Death

"Glory Bound" is written by Mike d'Abo and has also been recorded by Chris Farlowe, who put "Glory Bound" on his 2000 CD "Glory Bound" and on his 2004 3CD box "Rock 'n' Roll Soldier - Antholygy 1970-2004".