The Eddysons

06-69 A Little Miss Understood/Spirit Don't Let Me Down Havoc SH 162 (Holland)

Like Rod Stewart this Dutch group also covered "A Little Miss Understood", which was written by Mike d'Abo. This record reached a bubbling-under position for the Dutch Top 40 in June 1969.

I had this record for many years already, when a friend of mine offered the single with a picture cover. He also attented me to the fact, that Mike d'Abo was mentioned as writer of "Spirit Don't Let Me Down" instead of "A Little Miss Understood".

The record company probably discovered the mistake and then changed the songcomposers names. The mispressed single give "A Little Miss Understood" as title, while the corrected single give "Little Miss Understood" as song title.

The group was named after Eddie Ouwens, who is now a well known producer of many hits in Holland. Eddie Ouwens is also well known because of his world-wide hit with "I Remember Elvis Presley", which he released under the name of Danny Mirror, the day after Elvis died.

00-69 Cousin Pretty/Sad Old Song Havoc SH 166 (Holland)

A second single from this Dutch group, with this time the Mike d'Abo composition "Sad Old Song" as b-side. This single was also released with a picture cover in Holland, but didn't reach the charts.