Judith Durham

00-70 Bonny Face/Let Me Find Love A&M Records 7 AM 5051 (Australia)
    A&M Records 7 AM 5051 (Brazil)

Mike d’Abo let me hear the song “Bonny Face” by Judith Durham when I visited him in March 2006.
Mike wrote this song and Judith Durham recorded this song in 1970 which is very hard to get (even though
my Mike d’Abo records collection is bigger that 500 titles, this single I don’t have), was also released in
Brazil, ahead of Judith’s performance in the Rio Song Festival

Finally in November 2007 I found the single on the Brazilian eBay. The label mentions “Do V Festival
International Da Cançåo”. I don’t think it’s a very good song, but still it great to have it in my Mike
d’Abo record collection. If you want to hear the song, and even see it, type in “Bonny Face” on
You Tube and you will see Judith sing “A Bonny Face”

00-97 A Brand New Day

We all know Judith Durham is the girl-member of The Seekers, who had a lot of hits world-wide in the
mid-sixties like "I'll Never Find Another You", "A World Of Our Own", "The Carnival Is Over" and
"Morning Town Ride" to name a few.

Judith makes solo records every now and then, and in 1997 she recorded the Mike d'Abo song "A Brand
New Day" for her forthcoming solo album