Sacha Distel

00-71 LP More And More Warner Bros. Records K 46117 (UK)
side one: side two:  
I'll Never Fall In Love Again Autumn Leaves  
It's Impossible Sh Sh Sh She Loves You  
Make Your Mind Up Beyond The Sea  
Hanging In The Air   Wild World  
With A Little Help From My Friends      Most Things Are Possible  
More And More What Now My Love  

Sacha Distel is a very well known French singer. Therefore I was much surprised when Mike d'Abo told me that Sacha Distel had recorded a song of him, which he didn't release himself. It's a ballad, and not a bad one I must say. Further on the album has all sorts of cover versions.

That this French singer was popular even in England, is proved by the charts success of Sacha's album that he released before "More And More" just called "Sacha Distel", which reached the UK album Top 50.