Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday/Sink Or Swim

Parlophone R 5633 (UK)
    U.S.A. Records 903 (USA)    

Circus were first known as Philip Goodhand-Tait and The Stormville Shakers.
Band members of Circus: Philip Goodhand Tait (keyboards); Melvyn Collins (sax); Kirk Riddle (Bass); Chris Burrows
and later Alan Bunn on drums; Ian Jeffs (lead guitar).

This single was produced by Mike d'Abo, who also wrote "Sink Or Swim".
The a-side was written by Philip Goodhand-Tait.

03-68 Do You Dream/House Of Wood Parlophone R 5672 (UK)

Mike d’Abo was also involved in this second (and last) single of Circus. Mike produced both sides of the single, while
Philip Goodhand-Tait wrote both sides of this single. It took me to August 2006 to discover, that Mike d’Abo was also
involved in the second single of Circus, which is very hard to find.