John Christie


LP Relax

Polydor 2382 271 (UK/Australia)
side one: side two:  
Relax Don't Cry  
Belinda How Does It Feel  
Childhood Everybody's Lonely  
You Were My Friend Now That I've Found Love  
The Wheel Of Life Ram  
  Oh What A Day  
06-75 Belinda/Home Polydor 2058 578 (UK)
Five (!!!) songs of the "Relax" album were written by Mike d'Abo:  
Now That I've Found Love    
Oh What A Day    

Later on "Belinda" was also released as a single by John Christie.

"Belinda" was a track on Mike's solo album "Down At Rachel's Place", while "Oh What A Day" was on Mike's album called "d'Abo". The three other songs written by Mike d'Abo and recorded by John Christie cannot be found on any of Mike's own releases.