08-71 Handbags And Gladrags/Get It On Epic 10775 (US)
10-71 IHandbags & Gladrags/Open Up Wide Epic EPC S 7506 (UK)
00-71 Get It On/Handbags And Gladrags Epic EPC 7607 (Italy)
00-71 Handbags & Gladrags/Open Up Wide Epic EPIC 83010 (Japan)
06-71 LP Chase Epic EPC 64544 (UK)
    Epic E 30473 (US)
    Epic BN 26297 (Holland)


side one: side two:
Open Up   Get It On
Livin' In The Heat Boys And Girls
Hello Groceries    Invitation To A River: Two Minds
Handbags And Gladrags Stay
  Paint It Sad
06-71 8-track Chase Epic EA 30472 (US)

Program 1: Handbags And Gladrags/Get It On/Open Up Wide (Part 1)
Program 2: Open Up Wide (Conclusion)/Liviní In Heat/Hello Groceries
Program 3: Boys And Girls Together/Invitation To A River: Two Minds Meet/Stay/Paint It Sad (Part 1)
Program 4: Invitation To A River: Paint It Sad/Conclusion/Reflections/River

On this album is another cover version of "Handbags And Gladrags", which Mike d'Abo wrote. This album stayed in the
Dutch LP Top 50 for one week at number 49 in September 1971. Bill Chase and three other members of the group were
killed in a plane crash September 8, 1974.

The single "Handbags And Gladrags" by Chase entered the Billboard Hot 100 on September 11, 1971, stayed in the
Hot 100 for 5 weeks, but only reached 84 as highest position. It's a bit strange to see, that Epic in Italy changed the
a and b-sides.