Duncan Browne

Duncan Browne had initially been half of Lorel, one of a number of male duos signed by
Immediate in 1967. A demo recording of “Here And Now”, produced by Mike d’Abo, was
rejected by Andrew Oldham, a decision that led to the departure of Brown’s partner, fellow
songwriter Davy Morgan (this isn’t the same Davy Morgan who wrote for the Move).

“Here And Now”, a typically ambitious, ornate summer of love mix of cellos and choirboy harmonies, has acquired semi-mythical Holy Grail status amongst Duncan Browne followers and late 60’s baroque pop devotees alike. Fortunately it has now turned up as an Immediate demo and put as opening song on the Duncan Browne Caste Music 2CD “Journey – The Anthology 1967-1993”.

Disc 1:     Disc 2:  
1. Here And Now 1. Criminal World
2. On The Bombsite 2. The Wild Places
3. Alfred Bell    3. Roman Vecu
4. Give Me, Take You   4. Kisarazu
5. Ninepence Worth Of Walking   5. Planet Earth
6. Dwarf In A Tree (A Cautionary Tale)  6. Fauvette
7. The Ghost Walks 7. American Heartbeat
8. Chloe In The Garden 8. Streets Of Fire
9. The Cherry Blossom Fool 9. Theme From “The Travelling Man”
10 Resurrection Joe 10 Day For Night
11 The Final Asylum 11 End Of The Line
12 Journey  12 The Wild Places ‘91
13 Ragged Rain Life 13 Scull Twins
14 Country Song 14 Rainer
15 Babe Rainbow     15 Berceuse
16 The Last Time Around  16 The Toys
17 Send Me The Bill For Your Friendship  17 No-name Girl
18 Black Lace Shoulder 18 Journey ‘93
19 Paris    
20 Precious