Colin Blunstone


One Year

Epic EPC 64557 (UK/Holland)



Epic E 30974 (US)





side one:                                             

side two:


She Loves The Way They Love Her

Mary Won't You Warm My Bed


Misty Roses                                       

Her Song


Smokey Days

I Can't Live Without You


Caroline Goodbye

Let Me Come Closer


Though You're Far Away

Say You Don't Mind





Mary Won't You Warm My Bed/I Hope I Didn't Say Too Much Last Night

Epic EPC 7095 (Holland)

"Mary Won't You Warm My Bed" is a Mike d'Abo composition and is a track of his 1970 solo album "d'Abo", under a slightly different title: "Mary, Warm My Bed".

The b-side of the single was written by ex-Zombies member Colin Blunstone himself.
The album "One Year" is in Japan also available as a 10 track CD, released in the 90's.