Formed in 1969, Audience are no ordinary group. Unusual in line up and eclectic of influence they crammed four albums into as many years, toured extensively and influenced a few slightly more well known prog rock bands along their way. Their debut album, for Polydor Records, made its reputation (according to the Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music) as ‘ons of the moth sought-after artifacts of the art-rock genre’. Copies now change hands at prices of £ 200 and upward.

LP – discography


Audience – Polydor 583 065


Friend’s Friend’s Friend – Charisma CAS 1012 (now on Virgin CASCD 1012


House On The Hill – Charisma CAS 1032 (now on Virgin CASCD 1032)

4. Lunch – Charisma CAS 1054 (now on Virgin CASCD 1054)

The first album “Audience” can now be bought (with three bonus tracks) through Luminous Records ( or through the Audience website where you also find plenty of information about the group.

00-1995 CD Audience       Luminous LCD 003    
1 Banquet 9 Pleasant Convalescence
2 Poet 10 Leave It Unsaid
3 Waverley Stage Coach            11 Man In Box
4 River Boat Queen 12 House On The Hill
5 Harlequin         13 Paper Round (bonus track)
6 Heaven Was An Island            14 The Going Song (bonus track)
7 Too Late I’m Gone 15 Troubles (bonus track)

Maiden Cry


What is the connection with Mike d’Abo ?

On the original Polydor album there is no connection, but the song “Too Late I’m Gone” was also recorded with Mike d’Abo playing the piano and for the CD this recording was used. In the booklet that you get when buying the CD group leader Howard Werth explains: “He was around at the time, came in and did it” and “We used the version of the track without it, but I listened to that again and it’s good – in some ways I prefer it to the one that was originally on the album”. The actual differences apart from the piano were minimal and Howard Werth opted to use this unissued version here.