Anita Meyer


11-81 They Don't Play Our Love Song Anymore/Gettin' To Know You Again Ariola 103.676 (Holland)
00-81 They Don't Play Our Lovesong Anymore/Sinner At Sunday Ultra Phone 6.13369 (Germany)
09-81 LP Shades Of Desire Ariola 203.935 (Holland)


side one: side two:
Why Tell Me, Why Love On The Line
They Don't Play Our Love Song Anymore Sad Eyes
Reckless Too Young To Know
Hurtin' Doesn't Go Away    Hurtin' Doesn't Go Away   
Places Where We Used To Be Rock Me Up A Mountain


00-88 CD The Ahoy Concert Ariola 353.272 (Holland)


1. Overture 11. River Deep, Mountain High
2. McArthur Park    12. They Don't Play Our Love Song Anymore
3. Hello  13. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
4. The Alternative Way   14. I'm On Fire
5. You And Me   15. All Night Long
6. The Exodus Song  16. All By Myself
7. Heart Of Stone  17. The One That You Love
8. Out Here On My Own  18. Idaho
9. Medley:
Down Town 
Son Of A Preacher Man
I'm Sorry 
Je Ne Regrette Rien
Upside Down
19. Somewhere

10. Fire 20. Why Tell Me Why
  21. Reprise

Mike d'Abo wrote "They Don't Play Our Love Song Anymore", and this song was very successful in Holland, which was proved by the 3rd place the song reached in the Dutch Top 40. The song stayed in the single Top 40 for 10 weeks (see the picture cover at the top of this page).
After a long search, I also found the German release, which also has a beautiful picture cover.

The song can also be found on Anita's album "Shades Of Desire" which reached the top of the album Top 50 and stayed in the LP Top 50 for 18 weeks. In October 1985, Anita released a "Greatest Hits" album with of course "They Don't Play Our Love Song Anymore". This album reached place 10 and stayed in the album Top 50 for 21 weeks.

The live album "The Ahoy Concert was recorded in Rotterdam on March 14 and 15, 1988 and entered the Dutch LP Top 75 on April 30, 1988. It stayed in the Top 75 for 11 weeks and reached place 15 as highest position.

"They Don't Play Our Love Song Anymore" has been recorded by Mike as a demo, but is was never released by him on any of his solo albums.

00-92 CD The Best Of Anita Meyer BGM Ariola 74321 120712 (Holland)


1. They Don't Play Our Love Song Anymore
2. Rock Me Up A Mountain
3. Mindgames
4. Too Young To Know
5. Sad Eyes
6. Taking A Chance With Me
7. Sandy's Song
8. Hurtin' Doesn't Go Away
9. Places Where We Used To Be
10. Apollonia
11. Jacksonville
12. Reckless
13. Just Once
14. Love On The Line
15. There's A Song To Sing
16. The More We Try

"They Don't Play Our Love Song Anymore" is written by Mike d'Abo. On the cover and label however is written "Mike D'Arbo", which is a bit strange, because the record company wrote the name correctly on earlier releases.