Steve Degutis

2004        CD     Just be            DEGU 2004

1. Speeding car 8. Food & water
2. Plans for life 9. Present time
3. Waiting for the day 10 Bad dream
4. Pilgrimage 11 Diamond mine
5. Can't see through the rain 12 Four walls
6. A man for all seasons 13 Just be
7. Train of thought  


Steve Degutis: vocals, backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Chris Kerridge: bass guitar on all songs (rhythm guitar on tracks 7&9)
Owen Howell: drums
Guy Johnson: piano on track 4
Colin Green: organ on tracks 2,9,10 and 11
John Morrissey: harmonica on track 3
Mark Mausfield: string arrangement on track 6 and lead guitar on track 7
Mike d'Abo: piano on tracks 1,6,7 and 8 organ on track 8

2016        CD       Moving in circles        No catalogue number

1. Car alarm 8. Wanted
2. Wicker man 9. Ropes and chains
3. Don't let it get you down 10 Walking in fog
4. Dricing in your sleep 11 Fill up and go
5. Moving in circles 12 Wonderland
6. Don't make me laugh 13 Change in the weather
7. Mr. personality  


Steve Degutis
John Wolfson: bass guitar
Owen Howell: drums
Alan Bateman: saxophones and trumpet
Dik Cadbury and Tony Meacock: backin vocals
Ben Humphreys: drums on "Wonderland"and "Moving in circles"
Mike d'Abo: piano on "Change in the weather"